Monday 8 September 2014

Weekend WIP: Watermelon socks

Bit of a cheat, this one - I only managed to put a few rounds on it. I have been very busy all week, dealing with exam board work (what schools would call re-marks but that's a bit of a misnomer because the initial marking is scrutinised, rather than the paper being dull of me to tell you this but every time I have to call the process "re-marks", so people understand why I am so busy, I wince internally because it's not really true. I clearly have issues) and being a head of department. I got three boxes of chocolates in my first week; if this is what being a HoD is like then I really should have done it years ago.

I also had a very interesting workshop with the publisher on Saturday. It meant spending a weekend in London that I could have done with having at home; but I got to hang out with my old friend Sian and the workshop was great, although scary, because there is a lot of work ahead. Expect blog blackout for about six months next year, by the looks of it. Either that or many lists about why I love my job, which is a sure sign things are overwhelming me.

I digress. Of course I started these socks months and months ago, and I had super-high hopes for finishing them by Easter, and then I left them on the ski trip bus and they took nearly eight weeks to get back to me, and since then I have been working on summer tops. But they're finally having a bit of attention. I am hoping to maybe finish them by the end of the month, because, how pretty? I want to wear them!

They're even cuter in daylight.

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