Friday 23 October 2015

Fave Friday

Today's fave is, that feeling if relief when you have been dreading something for a long time and then it turns out fine and it's now in the past.

I presented an inset day today for 21 fellow teachers.  Nervous was not the word. There have been many milestones in my teaching career.  First bit of a lesson, with the sweat trickling down my back. First assembly, at the end of which the head of year came over and told me I had been visibly shaking (thanks). First presentation to other teachers, first presentation to students I don't know... Let's just say I have a small section of my wardrobe designated as "sweat clothes" for these occasions because they hide the visible signs of my nerves.

Today was worse than all of that. A whole day, planned and delivered by me. I did try to say no, but all my issues were capably ironed out by the events manager and so here I found myself, about to become part of somebody's crap inset stories. All teachers have those stories. I was resigned to it.

No matter how rational I was, though, the fear was still very real. I was relieved and delighted to read only positive feedback on the forms at the end of the day; but I am even more relieved that it is OVER. It has been a source of much pressure for months so this is a really good moment!

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