Sunday 11 October 2015

Weekend WIP: Still the helmet hat

It's starting to look a bit more like a hat and less like a reproductive organ, thankfully.

I'm a bit worried about how it's going to fit. I think it's going to be too big. I had to knit 12 inches for the top strip, which I've done - it's sort of necessary to follow the measurements exactly because of the way it's constructed but...hmm. I am worried it's going to be a bit baggy on the crown.

I have calmed myself with the thought that I can always create some kind of hem or something at the back, or even unpick the bind off and frog back a couple of rows, once I know how the side pieces change the shape. I did a three-needle bind-off on the back. The pattern said I should sew it down but that didn't sound like something I would do. There's going to be enough sewing with the sides.

I do love the colour quite a lot.

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