Thursday 15 October 2015

Throwback Thursday: Borrrrrrrmio

I never shared anything of last spring's ski trip.

Masses of pictures were not taken, to be honest. I was so exhausted that I slept pretty well and the trip was a day shorter than usual thanks to a last minute change by the ski company, so the trip fairly whizzed by. 

It was a lovely resort. We had a hotel on the outskirts of town but it was a 15-20 minute walk to the lift and we had a locker at the bottom, which suited us really well. As usual there was no snow in town...

...but there was plenty at the top, even if it did get a bit slushy towards the end. The slope you see in the top picture was out of use on several days for the training and testing of ski instructors, but it was pretty awesome flying down it when it was open. 

We had some snowy days, too. I feel like we're always incredibly fortunate with our ski weather, considering we go so late in the season.

Other notable bits:

The drive there took us all the way around Lake Como (I think the drivers were attempting a short cut) and the drivers got lost dropping off our coachshare group, so the journey out took a whopping 28 hours. That was a bit long, even for me. 

The teacher from our coachshare school grinding against a pillar while her Y8 student filmed it. Totally awkward. Our students were horrified which was the funniest bit. The Y8 pupil was amazing at beat boxing (I mean, proper good) but on the coach let out a massive fart and,. when his friends complained, told them, "Allow it fam!" Some of our students still shout this at me across the playground. 

Our hotel share was a Welsh language school. They had a blind kid with them. Amazing.

The hotel was OK - good food of course, because it was Italy; but the rooms had obviously originally been built with no bathrooms and were quite cramped since these had been added. I had to wedge my legs between the toilet and the bidet every time I needed a wee, for example. 

We had a good excursion into town one drizzly night in search of a street festival that turned out to have finished (cue 700 apologies from the overly-nice rep). So, we played 40/40 In around the town square, then came across a trapdoor, hid some boys in it and terrified the Y11 girls. Very funny. 

The Y11 girls held a ferry birthday party for one of them and we had invitations, hats and balloons. 

The psychedelic dancing crepe man. 

Jonty managed to ski into a cliff and his arm swelled up like a ham. He went to the hospital to get it checked out on March 31st - the day his EHIC expired. The doctor almost wet himself laughing, apparently. 

The skiing was great, of course. I am off on a ski leader refresher course this weekend which is probably what made me think of this. We're going to Spain next year and it can't come round quick enough! Mainly because all of my multiple additional jobs will be finished by then. This year has been manic.

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