Wednesday 21 October 2015

Scenes from the Classroom #15

Today, a lesson on the agricultural revolution and enclosure.

I was feeling in my groove with an old lesson I'd brought back for the last day of term. I had a classful of quiet, engaged students, all looking attentive as I explained the (let's face it, not scintillating) move from strip farming to enclosed farms. I segued into the importance of the sheep and remembered this story from September. I looked at the clock.

"Oh, it's the last 15 minutes of term," I said, "so I'm just going to show you this...."

It took a minute or two for me to find a good link and then for the pictures to load, so I was standing in front of the board, displaying a picture of a massive sheep, with the students hub-bubbing about it.

So, of course, it was at this moment that, for the first time ever, the Head included the history classrooms on one of his school tours, and appeared at the door. With the Chair of Governors.

Some say it's karma for swearing (loudly and in jest) at an NQT who was trying to steal my coffee yesterday. I think it's just the final goodbye from a long and rocky term.

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