Sunday 4 October 2015

Weekend WIP: Helmet Hat

I am all about knitting something that I can finish quickly at the moment. I just want something in some area of my life to be a relatively easy win. Hence, I cast on this hat using some of the yarn I bought at Bristol Wool Fair.

It's from an old issue of Vogue. It has an interesting construction - you knit the brim and then pick up for the crown. So far so ordinary but the brim is pretty interesting. It is clever - the twisted rib pattern on the narrow strip makes the fabric bias so it curves naturally around the head.  I was knitting it at breakfast with my friend Phillipa. "You've knitted a spoon!" she said, when it was just a strip with one cabled oval.

Now I fear it looks like a knitted reproductive system, but maybe that's just the colour. Since I took this picture I finished the brim and sewed it up; it looks a bit less ovarian now.

I'm intending to add the lovely gold rose button I bought at Wonderwool a couple of years back. Actually, the button inspired the whole hat.

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