Wednesday 14 October 2015

Scenes from the Classroom #14

I smashed my phone screen at lunchtime today. So, I asked my students what they would recommend to replace it with.

My year 12 tutor group recommended some curvy Samsung thing. We looked it up - £790. Um. Hmm.

You could tell year 8 were much less au fait with being spoiled with designer electronics. I did not ask my year 8s for advice, but they noticed my open Carphone Warehouse tab on Firefox when we were looking at a portrait of Edward VI at the end of the lesson.

H: Getting a new phone Miss?
Me: What? Oh, yeah, I smashed mine at lunchtime.
Chorus: Oh Miss! Nooo!
E: Why are you getting a new one?
Me: Oh, I need to replace it quite quickly....
E: There's this guy in Trowbridge, right, and he can do you a new screen in like, 20 minutes.
Me: Really? Hmmm...any phone?
H: What phone you got?
Me: A Nexus
H: No.


Then the kid who'd come to the lesson with a picture of Jason Derulo stuck to the end of his ruler warbled, "Jason Deruler!" for the 17th time and with that, the day was over.

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