Friday 12 December 2014

Fave Friday

A few weeks ago I mentioned the Canary Gin Bar in a post about G&T. Now the Canary Gin Bar is my new fave. It's on Queen St in Bath and you'll have to Google it because I am just too lazy.

I have been the tonight, soaking up the epic ambiance. The cool music; the interesting decorations - what looks like platelets on the wallpaper at one end, and some very interesting pictures; the tables that turn so you can move the gins around to the other people you're drinking with; the helpful bar staff who say things like, "I'm suppsoed to put rose petals in this but I feel like a bit of a dick doing that so..." when they're already wearing a flat cap and a tweed waistcoat, and you already ordered it with a twist; and the gin. The gin! So many gins. I tried a few over ice this evening and was amazed at how different they all tasted. I remember once reading a Good Food article about different vodkas, where Jilly Goolden was talking about caramel notes, and I thought, "Yeah, it's vodka, it all tastes the same" but, with the gins tonight I can clearly see a marked difference. Perhaps my palate has matured. Perhaps it's time to reorder the gin calendar....or finish up the ones I didn't drink last time.

I'm going to come clean and admit I just had to edit 7 typos out of this post, including typing fun instead of gin. It's quite easy to do that, apparently. Especially after beginning the evening with 4 double funs. Honestly, it's a great bar for gin drinkers.

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