Monday 29 December 2014

New Year's Knitting Resolutions

My resolution last year was to finish 12 garments. I forgot I had so many hats to knit. I also toyed with the idea of knitting a certain amount of yarn; I believe my original estimate was in double figures, but I managed about 6km, according to Ravelry's built-in calculator. Not TOO bad but I definitely brought in more than 6km.

This year:
Finish these items that have been languishing, almost finished, for a very long time.

Finish knitting the roses for my rose chair.

I also want to do some more motifs for my Lion and Lamb blanket, but how many, I am not sure.

Knit something from the yarn I bought at Jimmy Beans in 2013. I'm thinking a top-down, V neck, plain vanilla sweater out of this gorgeous Madelinetosh. Having spent some time on Ravelry looking at how it knits up, I can't wait.

Knit something from the yarn I bought at Wonderwool. This stash enrichment coincided with my purchase of Alice Starmore's Tudor Roses so I have my eye on one of the patterns in there - probably Elizabeth, which is a fairly straightforward 4-ply sweater that I plan to knit in this.

Knit a pair of socks. I have managed a pair of socks annually for the past three years, so let this year be no different.

Finish knitting the Lopi shell I have been planning for years and cast on in the middle of all the hats. This is very chunky and should be a quick knit, but I do have to actually sit down and knit the thing.

Do something about my delinquent UFOs. I have 10 WIPs in hibernation - the time has come for them to be finished, or binned. Officially that is one a month. We'll see.

I think that is probably enough. I have many other ambitions but I don't want to be too....ambitious.

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