Wednesday 24 December 2014

Holiday FO: Silk Turban

I accidentally knitted myself a turban.

I am quite pleased with it, really. Of course, it's meant to be worn this way round -

But I do like it with the gathers at the front. Mr Z suggested I get a big jewel to pin on the front to make it really turban like.

Pattern: Ana, by Perl Grey (lots of patterns have to scroll sideways to find it.)
Yarn: 100% silk from Wingham's Wool Works. This may not be the best choice for a already feels a little loose. But it is gorgeous and very soft and the colours are just lovely.
Needle: 4mm
Mods: None. I probably should have knitted the biggest size but I wasn't sure how much yarn was in the skein and I didn't want to run out, so I knitted the medium. It's definitely big enough but it lacks that looks-too-big quality that the designer's models have.

It has taken me a year to finish, even though it's essentially just a st-st rectangle with some clever finishing (REALLY clever pattern); to begin with it was slow going, in the way that some yarns are just slow to knit. Then it was lost, along with the socks. Then I was busy, and who needs a hat in the summer, anyway? Or a turban, for that matter.

One picture from the back, for good measure.

Look at the COLOUR! Lovely.

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