Sunday 7 December 2014

Stash Enrichment

I bought a few things yesterday at Get Knitted. Firstly, some King Cole chunky for a hat. Jack wants a Dr Seuss style striped top hat. I am worried I will not be finished in time for the end of term. The chunky will help with that. This is very soft and a good shade of red.

Then, some Artesano Alpaca Heather. I managed to pick Tutt for secret Santa this year, though I wonder if it was a fix. This was very awkward because 10 seconds after I had my email with her name in it, I had an email from her asking who I'd got. I had to pretend at lunchtime I hadn't seen it; I'm amazed she didn't smell a rat because she knows I compulsively check my email even during lessons. In the end I managed to find out who someone else had an say that I had that person. Now she wants to go shopping together for the gifts. Mr Z has suggested I buy a box of chocolates while we're out together, and then eat half of them, wrap them up and put them in the secret Santa sack for her. I may well do this, but I will also be knitting her some mittens in this lovely yarn. The colour is her colour of the season (she is like Pantone) - or, at least, as close as I can get to it.


The Artyarns trunk show was at Get Knitted a few weeks ago and we heard these tins were on their way in. I couldn't resist the colours in this one, and when two of the three on display sold during knitting group on Saturday, I had to buy the third. Very indulgent - the cashmere particularly. As you see, it is already wound, because I am worried it will just go into stash and never be seen again, like my last Artyarns purchase. However, it helps that it comes with a pattern. Part of the problem with the last lot is that I cannot come up with a pattern I think is good enough for its majesty.

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