Tuesday 30 December 2014

Tuesday Ten

Ten Gifts of Christmas

1. A new water bottle from Tutt, to replace the one I lost when we went to EdFest together.

2. Also from Tutt, a good bottle of wine, a little hanging plaque about friends being like stars (always there even when unseen) and a packet of blue spot squash balls. Now just need someone to play squash with.

3. A yoga mat, from Mother Hand. Bye bye, other people's sweat.

4. A Kenwood slicing attachment, also from Mother Hand. Now I won't have to coerce Mr Z into chopping all my salad vegetables for me.

5. A new hair dryer, from Mr Z. It was the one from my list - well done Mr Z. My old hair dryer is still just about OK, but it does get very hot and smell a bit funny sometimes, so it will be a relief to be able to dry my hair without worrying that it's going to start shooting flames out of itself.

6. A new duvet, from the Parents Z. It says on it, "The duvet for people who like to be warm in bed." That's a Ronseal bit of labelling if every I've heard one.

7. Also from the Parents Z, a Hummingbird Bakery cupcake kit, complete with papers, a cake stand and some stencils for adding pretty images o the tops of my cakes. Can't wait to break that out in the new year.

8. Secret Santa accidentally brought me two gifts this year - an industrial bird feeder to thwart the squirrel at work, which I thought was a great match, but turned out to be not for me; the other thing was a very chic stripey mug with some beauty products in it, which is lovely but won't assist me in the squirrel thwarting. Still, it will allow me to look more stylish when drinking my morning coffee.

9. A good stocking present from Mother Hand - a pack of information cards about all the English monarchs. Going to be very helpful at school next year.

10. It wasn't actually for me, but Mother Hand bought Mr Z a onesie. A Rudolph one. In a way this is a present for me.

A great haul this year. I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted, too!

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