Tuesday 23 December 2014

Weekend FO

Incongruous to finish these on the shortest day of the year - summery watermelon socks.

They are finally finished! I bought this kit in January 2012 and was horrified when it got to last Christmas and I realised how long I'd had it and how much I wanted to knit it. I cast on in January. I was interrupted for the Ravelympics, so I vowed to finish them on the ski trip. I left them on the coach and it took 10 weeks for the project to make it back to me (I thought they were lost forever!). Then I was knitting summer tops; then I was knitting hats. Finally on Saturday I pulled them out again and got the last four inches done in a day and a bit. Very quick, once I put my mind to it! No way should socks take a year.

The kit was from the Knitters Brewing Company - I am linking to their sock kit page because there are several fantastic kits on it.

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