Tuesday 6 December 2016

Scenes from the Classroom #27

As a trainee, I remember marking year 7 exams. One student had written, in answer to the question "What is a reeve?" - "A baker." The history teacher who was marking alongside me said, 'That's quite clever really - it's not right, but the local baker is called Reeve's.'

I was reminded of that this week. A girl in my history club made a poster about the Boston Tea Party for our "This month in History" display. She researched the event and everything, but she still thought it was a cafe. "The first Boston Tea Party opened because the Americans did not want to pay the tax on tea. Originally, the cafe was called The Destruction of the Tea in Boston."

Boston Tea Party is a local cafe chain, with a branch a few hundred feet away from school. The mind boggles, though.

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