Sunday 4 December 2016

Weekend FO: Stripey Cardigan

I finally finished the button band for this yesterday at knitting group, and then weaved in all the ends and sewed on the buttons last night.

Pattern: Shapely Boyfriend, by Stefanie Japel via Knitty
Yarn: Fivemoons Diana Aran - 50% merino, 50% silk, 100% snug delight. Somewhere approaching seven skeins.
Needle: 5mm, 4mm
Mods: I don't think I went on for quite as long in the body as she suggests (in a complete break with tradition). I knitted the sleeves longer so I could have fold back cuffs. I added (I think) one additional row to the button band to make up for the big buttons.

I am a big fan of the silvery buttons, which add just the right amount of bling in my opinion. We agree yesterday at knitting group that five looked better than six, so I have one to spare which is now sitting patiently in a drawer; but when I examined all the ones from the card, this one turned out to have a large crack in it, so perhaps it is for the best anyway.

I thought these were the first buttons I ever bought from Brimstone but my Ravelry stash page lists them as from Now Beads. I have never even heard of Now Beads. I'm going with Brimstone because the handwriting on the card was the same.

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