Sunday 4 December 2016

Stash-diving: a shameful confession

This evening I had cause to rummage through my stash at length. I was in search of some Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Merino, now wound ready for a hat for Sib. This wasn't listed on my index cards, so I doggedly searched through box after box of yarn, assuming I had forgotten to list it in the last reorganisation.

It wasn't until I reached the last box that I realised its omission was probably due to the fact it was stored in the secret compartment under the boxes of yarn. This holds most of my delinquent WIPs, the Rowan Damask I stockpiled upon its discontinuation and a number of other yarn purchases I have moreorless forgotten about. I rummaged deep.

In the process of this rummaging, my hand, delved deep into the depths of the compartment, hit upon a tangle. It was a big'un. I was...

Sorry about the thumb blur. I think my hands were shaking.

Because there were TWO of them.

Long-time readers of the blog may recall my triumphant post of September last year, in which I declared that the Yorkshire Tweed was all wound, and in which I stipulated a stash of roughly 1500m. At the time I remember feeling a bit sad as the realisation that this had not been the bargain I thought it was, having spent £30 on the original purchase. It's looking a bit more bargainous now, I must admit.

I haven't told Mr Z yet. I'm not sure our marriage is strong enough to withstand the news.

In other news, I must make sure this Christmas's reorganisation and cataloguing of stash includes absolutely every last ball.

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