Thursday 22 December 2016

Throwback Thursday

This week has included the delightful task of meditating on where I'd like to go for my summer holidays this year. It is America's turn, but I think I want to go there next Christmas instead. We've done most of the easy camping we can in the vicinity of Vegas. But then I find pictures like this -

On our first camping trip, we got chatting with an old couple in a campervan on the next site (the man sent me a book in the post the following month - what a nice pair) and they said that Yosemite was the most beautiful. Yosemite was beautiful, true. But when it has views like this to contend with, that's a huge claim.

This was taken in King's Canyon NP, just to the south of Yosemite. We tramped uphill for 10-15 minutes until we came across this view. Completely worth it.

So much world, so little time.

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