Monday 19 December 2016

Weekend WIP

Though desperate to cast on for one final sweater of the year, I just couldn't organise myself sufficiently enough to get pattern, yarn and variety of needles together for swatching this weekend, so I reverted back to the pinwheels instead.

Remember when I fondly opined, back in May, that just two pinwheels a week would see all the single skeins used up by the end of the summer? Yes, well, please try to forget I ever said that. On the plus side, at the start of the year I had knitted precisely two pinwheels and I have now reached the dizzy heights of 24, a dramatic 1200% increase. Even more exciting, that accounts for a stash-bust of approximately 800m, which pushes me over last year's total. WOO and indeed HOO.

This is the June 2014 LE, Lovely sheen to the pink sections, particularly.

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