Monday 26 December 2016

Weekend WIP

Remember how hopeful I was, back in November, about getting two more garments knitted before the end of the year? I really hope I never stop being that naive girl who hopes against reason all the time.

I've been plugging away at this all weekend. It's the yoke for a cardigan.

Mr Z asked me if I was knitting a toilet seat cover. I resisted the urge to throw it at him. The cables look great but are not fun and I haven't been able to memorise the chart, unusually for me, so it has been quite slow. But it's done now and blocked so I've picked up the stitches to knit the hood. I did this first to make sure I didn't run out of yarn - the length of the body is where I can skimp. Being naively hopeful again (so soon?) I really want to get the hood finished tonight. It's a tall order - Boxing Day is tax return day, after all, and I haven't yet made a start on the beast. But after that, it's just acres of st-st. There's a small chance I might get it done before the turn of the year.

I thought this yarn was black, but now I think it might be a very dark blue. Sublime helpfully list it as "slate" which suggests blue, I suppose, but not definitively. I've tried putting it against black things to check, but that hasn't helped much. I should try it against some black wool, that would probably do it. Not that it matters.

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