Sunday 3 September 2017

Selfie Sunday

Looking back through old pictures I was not really surprised to find quite a lot of selfies in there, most of which have never been shared with the world. I have always been partial to a selfie - I have plenty of actual film versions kicking around from my youth - and it's even easier now that front-facing cameras are up to scratch.

Here's a fave from way back in 2013, that I managed to catch with an image burst on the rear facing camera.

Truthfully, I prefer the front-facing one, which is soft focus and therefore a bit more forgiving, though since this was nearly five years ago I shouldn't need to be forgiving about how I looked.

This was when I went skiing in Switzerland by myself, did one run, snapped my borrowed poles on the lift, went home and slept for 6 hours, woke up ill and didn't ski again. The 'one run' ski trip. I did read a whole book though so that was OK. 

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