Sunday 17 September 2017

Weekend WIP

It's not a very exciting WIP post this week for anyone except me. I have finished the Snips and Snails skein I started last weekend and cast on the final skein of Georgetown that I've had for nearly a decade...

'Eugh, more pinwheeels, do something more exciting,' you might say - but this is exciting because it is the final single skein of L&L I have for the pinwheels project. When it's finished, I will have 40 pinwheels, with approximately 90 more to go. That goal I set myself in May of last year will finally have been met! So, it is pinwheels all this week, it seems.

Also, I really love this colour, still. It's so surprising because it's not really my thing but I find it enchanting. The pastels work so nicely together.

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