Monday 11 September 2017

Weekend WIP

More hexagons. I'm up to 34 now. Another 96 to go. I'm more than one quarter finished.

The blue looks quite green and dark in this picture but it's quite sky-like in real life, and that beige has this amazing purple sheen to it on the second one I made - it was such a surprise to see it that I briefly thought I had accidentally drawn on my yarn with a purple biro (there is biro on a lot of my belongings).

I have two more to make to kill off this skein, then there is only ONE. MORE. SINGLE. SKEIN. left. Remember back in May...that's May 2016, if you're counting...when I said I'd be done with all the single skeins by the end of the year? Yeah well, I would just like to say, I didn't specify which year, so, yknow.

Let's not mention the fact I have found some blue that I missed in Ravelry destash and had two set aside to fetch home when I go to the US in October.

These are quite addictive when you get going. I was in London for the weekend and knocked out two. I would have done a 3rd on the train home but then Jenny, my PT, ended up on the same train as me so we just nattered all the way back.

I think I've found a pattern for the watermelon gradient I bought at Wonderwool, but I don't really know what to start next. I still have knitter's malaise. Sigh.

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