Sunday 17 September 2017

More fruit gins

You might remember my forays into lemon gin and more lemon gin from previous years; one more year to wait for the first batch to mature, so it must be nearly time to kick off batch three.

Well, the website with the recipe also has one for raspberry gin, and there were lots of ripe blackberries in the lane early in August, so I have kicked off a couple of new vintages and thought it wise to record my recipes here so that I can find them when I look them up.

The blackberries: I squeezed a large cupful into a 625ml water bottle (all the way from S America) and slugged a bunch of Bombay Sapphire over the top until the bottle was full. Today, I have decanted it into a glass bottle, a 75cl Bombay Sapphire one, berries included, and added 170g of sugar, which was all that would fit in the bottle. At the end of October I should be removing those berries and having a very boozy dessert with them, so I can add a little more sugar then and possibly top up with some gin. I have a large jugful of gin with no home at the moment.

The raspberries: I squeezed a punnet of raspberries - 200g - into what was left of the litre bottle of Bombay Sapphire and added 200g of sugar. I've just topped it up with gin today. I had a sip and it already tastes good, and they've only been in there a couple of weeks.

Both bottles are in the drawer of the fruit and veg cupboard - where else would they be? - since they need storing in the dark.

Party round mine in the autumn of 2018, I reckon. Don't come if you don't like gin.

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