Sunday 3 September 2017

Weekend WIP

I am still struggling to get on with my knitting. I am about halfway through the gorgeous blue angora jumper I started way back in March, which I am enjoying, but for some reason am not desperate to finish. I think the thought of the sleeves is putting me off. Sleeves always take longer than I think they're going to, and these are long, belled affairs, so ... meh. On the plus side, I tried it on this week and it isn't too small, which is my perennial bottom-up garment fear.

This weekend I turned back to the trusty pinwheels, trotting out three in quick succession and starting a fourth.

This is the May 3013 LE. It's like a paler, duskier version of Sookie's Last Stand.

Out of interest, I pulled out all the hexagons and scattered them randomly across our filthy, soon-to-be-replaced dining room floor.

Already big enough for a lap blanket after blocking, but I do have 90-odd more to go. Although I scattered these at random and felt a bit overwhelmed by the big differences in colour, I can see two different palettes in this now, so it will either make two blankets or one with some carefully colour spacing.

Of course, the rest are yet to come - and, tbf, they're all a lot more blue than this little lot.

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