Tuesday 26 September 2017

Travel Tuesday: Honfleur

Tutt and I went to France last summer for a long weekend, camping. The camping part wasn't wildly successful but we both enjoyed France enough to repeat it this weekend. We stayed somewhere in southeast Normandy and visited the pretty town of Honfleur on our way back to the ferry at the end of the trip.

The tall houses by the harbour made me think of Bristol, although the awnings were in citrus brights instead of the pastels favoured in this neck of the woods.

Just there for a day, we didn't do much at all except wander around looking for a cafe that sold nice cakes. On the way back, though, I went on the big wheel, which was a great way of appreciating views over the Seine estuary.

It was also blisteringly hot, so it was nice to be on something moving at speed and mostly in the shade, because it very effectively cooled me down.

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