Monday 23 November 2015

More weekend achievements

I forgot to mention that I baked the Christmas cake yesterday. The whole house smelled amazing. I am a bit worried because my hand slipped when adding the powdered cloves, but since I can't very well cut myself a piece to test it I guess we will just wait and see.

I also finally got some lemon gin going. I love how it has turned this Bombay Sapphire bottle green due to its yellowness.

The creator of the recipe recommends labelling the bottle so that a good vintage can be recreated, but I just followed her recipe since this is the first time I've tried it - the rind of three lemons and 200g caster sugar. I did deviate a little by weighing the sugar and then peeling the lemons directly onto it; there's a lot of zing comes out when you peel a lemon and I wanted to capture as much of that as possible by allowing it to fall onto the sugar. I'm not sure if it worked but it made a fabulous smell and quite a mess.

I was left with a far bit of leftover gin. I'm not even sure I would manage a gin and tonic that large.

Next year when I make it I may add a lime rind along with the lemons. Mix it up a bit.

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