Wednesday 4 November 2015

Today I wish I was...

Exploring this big blue hole.

(I found this picture via Google Images but do look at this guy's website, by the way, because he takes some amazing pictures. I'll leave you to guess which is my favourite portfolio...)

I mam a bit obsessed with this place, though I can't imagine I will ever go there. I'd have that whole creeping-dread, swimming-over-deep-water thing happening. I do think it's very interesting though. It's near Belize which does sound like a very interesting part of the world.

So, in wishful-thinking world, I would be ... maybe ... near here on a big boat that would let me off the kayak around and have a good look. If it was calm I might attempt some stand up paddle boarding again, though probably even less successfully than my summer attempt. I'd undoubtedly stretch out on the shaded deck and have a long nap on one of those impossibly white hammocks or sun loungers with a cold drink.

In reality? I'm trying to finish up the last few year 10 essays and feeling like Dumbledore when Harry Potter is force-feeding him the potion in the horcrux cave. Please, no more.

Please, Belize!

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