Saturday 28 November 2015

Weeknote 28/11

This week I have been mostly...

The wondrous Telluride. I'm in love. Can't wait for it to be finished, although I keep looking longingly at the Schachenmayr I bought in the summer and coveting a glowing hat. Maybe tomorrow, if I can squeeze an hour out of my day for knitting.

Going to:
Bath Christmas markets. I bought a Christmas pudding, drank too much mulled wine and managed to leave my handbag in the restaurant. Good times. (I did remember before we'd got too far away, luckily).
Coffee with Tutt on Friday night. She is working even harder than me. We're both reaching the end of the tether.
I went to Tart today with my friend Sian for lunch and a catch up. Tart is pretty quiet these days; I fear it's had its day, though I think it is still as fabulous as it always was. I had pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting. It was a win.
I also managed to get back to yoga today, though only for the hour's rejuvenating class. Still, better than nothing.

Whatever I can cobble together out of the fridge. If it were left up to me I'd be eating overnight oats three meals a day at the moment with some avocado on toast thrown in (and I was eating it before Nigella put it on TV before you say anything). Luckily Mr Z likes to cook and is kind enough to do my lunch jars.

I've done some work on enquiry this week, to present at the inset day we had yesterday. I presented with a local primary colleague I met on Twitter, who I love working with: she is very steady and sensible. Our workshop went down a treat and I got a bottle of Cava to say thank you: just what I needed considering I was feeling really very tired after all of Thursday night's drinking.

I have stashed it under the stairs.

I've also been reading and learning about the structure of DNA. It's in the book. For over a decade I have parroted that the structure of DNA was a vitally important medical discovery without really understanding why it was important; I think I finally get it now, though.

Obsessed with:
Not much, really. This week has flown by, thanks to there being only three teaching days in it. I'm trying to read here and there for the book but it's difficult to find a bit of brain energy at the end of the working day.

I am a bit obsessed with why my blog is telling me I only have 1 post tagged "Tuesday Ten", though. I have well over 100. I don't understand. But I'm not obsessed enough to investigate further.

Entertained by:
The Help. I have seen it before but it is an excellent film. I really must read the book.

Determined. The end is in sight. My deadline is in three weeks; then I can set about fixing the mess that three months of semi-neglect has created in my classroom.

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