Saturday 14 November 2015

Weeknote 14/11

In spite of this being in the "My favourite tags" menu to the left, a search revealed it has been a massive four years since I made a post like this. Too busy, clearly. They are nice for looking back on happenings, though.

This week I have been mostly...

The Telluride Aran. The yarn is holding the cables very crisply, I am really delighted with it so far. I am 26 rows past the ribbing; my aim is to finish the waist decreases before the weekend is over (40 rows). Maybe. I have a long to-do list.

Going to:
The weekend residential place we bring students to, WITHOUT students! A work friend's husband manages the place and managed to get us a weekend booking at an unpopular time of year as a late celebration of her birthday. So I am tucked up in a student bedroom, tapping away at my book corrections and generally enjoying not having to round up 30 excitable teenagers and get them to re-enact a murder.
I have NOT been going to yoga. This is a bad idea, but I am letting myself off. When I saw Jenny on Wednesday I asked for a cardio circuit, which I haven't done for months and months, so I am trying to keep my hand in somehow.

Far too much bread and butter. Mr Z did make me a nice lunchtime salad on Friday (to be fair, he made my lunchtime salad every day this week, and last week...but on Friday he had to come up with his own idea because I didn't have any). He told me it was going to be beef, tomatoes and mozzarella with basil. I was surprised to find there was no beef, until I realised he'd meant "beef tomatoes". That would explain why he complained that Sainsbury's didn't have any beef tomatoes when he came home from the supermarket.

About the inventor of the microscope, Robert Hooke, and his cantankerous ways; about how the British government refused to believe cholera was water-borne well into the 1880s because they were afraid it would impact on trade with India; about the history of lung cancer and HIV. Guess the topic of my textbook.

Obsessed with:
Sleep, mainly. The state of my skin since I've been using the fancy new products. How I'm going to meet all my deadlines.All the things I'm going to do when I have met them all/they have all passed.

Entertained by:
The funniest thing I can remember watching this week was a video of a grumpy cat being fed treats with chopsticks, so it hasn't been a good week on this front. However, I am at a party tonight.

Slightly less overwhelmed than I did last week, but that email from my editor reminding me that every time I am late for a deadline it makes her life difficult went down like a cup of cold sick.
The end is in sight. In four more weekends after this one, the thing will be DONE, DONE, DONE.

Here it is - I know you want to see it.

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