Monday 16 November 2015

Italy: Siena

I really loved Siena.

My only complaint was that it was difficult to work out where the best place to park was. We ended up parking on the street some distance from the town and walking in. But it was busy anyway, because it was nearly time for the Palio. Everyone was out in their team colours.

Aperol Spritz at 11am - YES ITALIAN LADY.

There was some kind of team lunch going on in the square, and we were treated to a dance.

I really loved the pageantry of it. I don't think I would be keen on the race, but the build up and team spirit was great, as were all the little temporary wooden stands.

We tried to go up the tower but we'd missed out by being there too late. Probably not sorry to avoid all the climbing, to be honest.

More stripey church:

Shopping was done. I bought another amazing Gabs bag, a bigger one that I can take to job interview with a folder in it. And I bought a grown up wallet, for the first time ever. Time to wave goodbye to the little zip-up coin purses I've been using my entire life. It reeled me in by being many beautiful shades of blue. And, anyway, Italy is famous for its leather so, who wouldn't?

There was even one of these -

I was not allowed to go in.

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