Tuesday 24 November 2015

Tuesday Ten

Carole invites me to consider...

Ten things for which I am thankful

1. That cold didn't turn into an 8 week monster (so far, anyway....it is nearly gone. I am almost back up to full bellow)

2. I have a warm, comfy house to go home to every night with a warm, comfy husband who makes my lunch every day.

3. I have more work offers than I know what to do with. Sometimes hard to be thankful for this one but I do realise I am very fortunate.

4. The book is ALMOST FINISHED (in spite of number 3).

5. I have good relations with my family members.

6. I have a spare bedroom crammed with gorgeous, gorgeous yarn and sometimes even enough time to pursue the hooby.

7. There is only one more teaching day left this week.

8. I've learned the value of saying little.

9. I'm going on three foreign visits with the school next year.

10. I have a £10 Boden voucher burning a hole in my pocket and it's pay day tomorrow! Woohoo!

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