Thursday 12 November 2015

Today I wish I was....

...only a year off sipping my first bottle of lemon gin.

I came across this lemon gin recipe two years ago, when I was looking for advice on making good sloe gin. It sounds amazing and I do like the idea of driving around with bubble-wrapped gin in the boot. But three years! Who can wait that long?

Then at the weekend I saw Sainsbury's had a special on their Bombay Sapphire again (£18 for a litre or £20 for 75cl...) and it reminded me of the recipe. I could kick myself. I'd only have to wait a year if I had made the effort to peel the lemons back in 2013.

Mr Z brought me a bottle home tonight so guess what I will do this weekend?

Incidentally, we took the advice of the owner of this website and recycled our sloes into a bottle of sherry when we fished them out of the gin last year. I reminded Mr Z about that this week and so we finally siphoned off the sherry and laid those sloes to rest. The sherry currently tastes a bit like medicine but I expect it just needs some sugar, or to be drunk at the end of a long night of drinking, or something. I will report back.

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