Tuesday 17 November 2015

Tuesday Ten

Ten things I'm saving for the Christmas holidays

1. Knitting. So much knitting. Knitting all damn day and half the night.

2. Browsing projects on Ravelry, planning knitting that will probably never happen and gloating over my stash like Smaug. I haven't had a good stash-gloat in months.

3. Afternoon naps. I miss them.

4. TV. I have various things saved. That adaptation of Lady Chatterley's Lover, the rest of season 1 of Narcos and season 3 of Ripper Street...all waiting to be caught up on.

5. Harry Potter marathon. It is Christmas, after all.

6. Entirely lazy Sundays where the only thing I stir myself to do is have a bath and put on clean pyjamas.

7. That dessert wine I bought on holiday in the summer. I think I should probably take it to Sib's for Christmas but, well. We'll see.

8. It's hard to think of anything else that's not centred on resting, napping, sleeping or otherwise not working. I should probably make "not working" one.

9. Endlessly long blog posts full of tales of my 2015.

10. Christmas cheesecake. Obvs. I don't think I made it last year; I probably shouldn't make it this year. Nobody ever drops in for tea and cake and I always bake enough cakes just in case.
Maybe come over for tea and cake over Christmas, OK? Bring knitting.

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