Saturday 21 November 2015

Weeknote 21/11

This week I have been mostly...

Continuing with the Telluride. I did not manage to get to row 40 before the end of last weekend, but I am done with the decreases now and hanging out around 10 inches. I think I need to get to 15 before I do the sleeve decreases so that is not too far away. Maybe I'll be there by next weekend. Knitting the cable repeats is addictive.

Going to:
I went to Wagamama with Parpy Jo on Wednesday. It's a new menue since I last went so that was enjoyable.
Earlier today Mr Z and I went to Lacock to look at jewellery for Christmas. Something almost came home with us but it's being adjusted to be a better fit. EXCITED.

Mainly soup. I have had the lurgy and have not felt like eating much at all, so there's been tomato soup, pea and ham soup and chicken and sweetcorn soup. And then fish and chips on Friday night to erase any benefits of a soup diet.
Luckily Mr Z loves making soup.

About DNA, and the battles of Lexington and Concord. It hasn't been a very learn-y week, but I've been keeping my hand in where I can.

Obsessed with:
My own health. For a change.

Entertained by:
The Last Kingdom. I have been saving it up but tried an episode on Friday night - here's the trailer. Oh, it's very good. Pretty brutal and seems to be fairly accurate, based on what I know. Probably my favourite line from the first episode: "I feel like killing somebody. I choose him."

Ill, at the start of the week. I was off sick for two days. I dragged myself to Jenny for training on Wednesday and she said it sounded like a kidney infection, which seems to be the case; but combined with damaged sinuses from sneezing too much thanks to sleeping in an old, dusty sleeping bag; and a cough which I am fairly certain I picked up last Sunday in the supermarket. Little girl behind me at the check out was coughing her face off while her parents just stood there with sympathetic expressions on their faces, fussing her. Hey parents! There are two of you here: one of you stay at home with your infectious child. Or at least, remind her to cover her mouth when coughing.

This is why I usually shop online.

So, yes, it has been a sickly week, but I am thankfully seeming to be on the mend. I spent the latter part of the week worrying that it was going to be the 8 week cough of the start of 2015, but I think not. It just wasn't helped by having a shedload of schoolwork to do - the neglect I have offered it for the past couple of months is finally coming home to roost - and a parents' evening, during which one parent seemed to be asking me for a guarantee that there would be no terrorist attack during our impending (February) school trip to Berlin. There are obviously excellent reasons for her nerves; they were all in Paris last weekend. But unfortunately no such guarantee exists.

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