Friday 6 November 2015

Fave Friday

Last year, the new head (he's going to be the new head forever, even though this is the third year) came up with a new plan to wring every last minute of his entitled time out of us: the after school duty. It seems that we're contracted until 3.05pm, when school finishes at 3pm; therefore, on break duty day, an after school duty was tacked on. Last year, when my break duty fell on a full teaching day, this felt a bridge too far. For a start, any possible after school duty spot is a good couple of minutes' stomp from my classroom so it seemed pointless. I doggedly did it for about 4 weeks, then realised nobody else was doing it and, better still, nobody was checking, so I gave up.

This year I've got a Friday duty slot. It was reiterated to us that this was Very Important, with the accompanying health and safety guilt trip. Accordingly, I tramped across the field to the school gate at 3.01pm, watching half the school stream out of it before I could even get within hollering distance.

However, this has now become a fave thing! I beat it out of my classroom at double time to get to the gate, because now I get to wish everybody a happy weekend. The head of art usually joins me and we delight in reminding every sulky student that it is the end of the week and wishing them a joyful two days off. Most of them return the favour, too. It really puts the cherry on the week and leaves me in a wonderful mood for going home.

I predict that the first really rainy Friday might scare me off (still nobody's checking), but until then I shall look forward to it.

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