Tuesday 3 November 2015

Tuesday Ten

I still get my weekly prompt from Carole but I can't remember the last time I managed to complete one. Probably last December. This week's was fab but a bit beyond me for 11.23pm, so I am going back to an old one.

Ten Things in my Travel Tote (because I love holidays)

1. Passport. Only if going abroad, obviously.

2. Old mobile phone that I now use as a music player. I am an anti-social traveller who prefers the peace and quiet of my own music.

3. Knitting bag. I have a scarf project if I need something simple and portable, in case I'm close to finishing a big jumper. That scarf as been on the needles for a very long time.

4. Some kind of luscious moisturiser. I love a good luxury facial product but I am very loyal to my everyday moisturiser, so I keep the special ones for travelling, when I will use them up less quickly. Current fave: Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and some kind of facial oil I impulse-purchased at the counter in Sephora in the summer.

5. Kindle, in the lovely blue travel wallet Ali bought me for Christmas a few years ago. I usually cram the iPad mini in there as well.

6. Currency. I am never organised enough to get money changed before I go anywhere, so I have got into the habit of getting a few extra pennies out of the ATM before finishing a holiday so that I have something to take with me on the next holiday. It's like a foreign savings scheme. If I'm travelling in the UK I like to have some cash on me.

7. Depending on length of journey, battery pack for phone.

8. Scarf or sarong. I have a blue sarong with yellow stars that I bought in Crete on my last term-time holiday before becoming a teacher, and that is my staple travelling scarf. Big enough for a blanket or a beach towel, scrunches up to a head wrap or a scarf, has in the past been tied artfully into a top. It smells of beaches, sun cream and perfume. I refuse to wash it.

9. Phone and wallet, of course. To be constantly checked for fear of having been robbed.

10. Flip flops. Useful everywhere. I'm always a bit disappointed in myself whenever I get to a place and realise I forgot to pack them.

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