Thursday 19 November 2015

Throwback Thursday

Last New Year I was in Chamonix, and on NY Day we went up the cable car to the top of the glacier. I late fully regretted it because my ears did not return to normal for some time afterwards (this was the start of the 8 week cough) but the views were absolutely spectacular. Since it is Europe's highest cable car, at 3,777m, that's not a surprise.

Some people even get out there and hike. Crazy fools.

So, on my first day in Chamonix, I said the the ski hire guy, "There's a life right around the corner, can I just take that one? Is there good skiing out there?" Turns out, I was talking about this lift. He was very nice about it. "You might need crampons," he said. Uh, yes. And a guide, and one of those air bags, and a transceiver, and about 30 more years' experience.

Much better enjoyed bundled up in warm clothes enjoying the view without having to worry about the skiing.

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