Friday 15 November 2019

Food Picture Friday

Nachos, American style. I bought this plateful whilst on holiday in Vegas in 2017. We had driven up to Mt Charleston and gone for something of a hike, so I felt these were earned and ordered the full portion. You'll be unsurprised to hear that I had to take a fair amount of this home with me in a box. Nachos, cheese, jalapenos, olives I can cope with - it was the enormous serving of chilli on top that made it impossible to finish.

As far as I remember, Max (Father Hand's dog) enjoyed finishing these off when we got back later that night. He loved leftovers, did Max. Sadly, he passed away last month; he was pretty old and had been diagnosed with a tumour a couple of years ago, so it was probably his time. I will miss him a lot when we visit, though. Never have a met a dog that looked so scary but was such an absolute softy.

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