Saturday 16 November 2019

Strictly: My Dance of the Night

Honestly, impossible to choose just one tonight. Everybody brought their A game and it was really spectacular. I love the Blackpool dance floor because (as I'm sure I've said before) you can see the whole thing flexing and moving under the dancers and it's amplified by the fact they all have little teams dancing with them. I really could have picked any of the dances as my favourite this week but I am going with the jive and the, the, the American, the charleston....!

I was really excited about seeing the jive because they're always great on that bouncy floor. I really loved all the little nods to Elvis throughout and I thought he played the character superbly, as well as being so sharp in all the steps.

Karim and Amy's charleston has to go in because it is pure joy. Every year in my Timehop, a tweet comes up about wanting to save 'Patrick's American smooth' to watch when I am feeling sad because it's just so joyful. I don't remember that dance particularly (I probably blogged it) but this one could be in the same boat.

Saffron's quickstep was great - loved the music. I was even pleased for slightly-creepy-Anton getting his first ever 10s - I can't believe it has taken so long. Also Alex and Michelle were both living their best lives, dancing to their dream songs. Oh, fine - here is the link to the playlist. It's worth watching them all this week, I think.

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