Sunday 3 November 2019

Weekend WIP

It really is getting close to being finished, excitingly.

I think I've got the hang of it now, though the more I think about it, the more certain I am that I'm doing it wrong. I've been increasing halfway through each section to make sure I get enough spaces to increase by 20 overall on each round, but, looking at other people's patterns and thinking hard about the maths, this isn't necessary. I don't know why it isn't necessary (I think you have to do this to keep the stitch count right) but I think it might come down to me sticking my crochet hook in in the wrong place. I don't know how to explain it, but since there is one fewer gap between DCs than there are DCs, I deduce this is where my error lies.

Ultimately, it matters not. I've got kind of wavy star arms but, as Jenny pointed out yesterday, it just looks a bit like a flower, and that's no bad thing. I am interested to see how it blocks. I like the colour palette, which is great for a Peruvian Christmas baby. And, I am only a few rows off being done, whereupon I can go back to this squishy loveliness...

I really hope to finish both by the end of the month....we will see.

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