Wednesday 6 November 2019

Workday Wednesday

I read something somewhere recently about someone who had started keeping a job list of everything they do at work all day, to look back on when people asked them what they did. So here's my Wednesday.

7.16 - arrive at school
7.20 - open SIMS to see what I need to plan. It is an easy teaching day - only two lessons. I have to do some urgent marking. There are traditional school plays on, though, and I have a lead role, so I get cracking.
7.25 - ski trip admin. Check forms that were due in on November 4th. Transpose data from forms into ski trip form. Find form from parent whose daughter is not on the list. Wonder how she got the form. Spend far too long puzzling about this. Email parent to find out what is going on. Send updated form off to ski company and request updated payment reports from admin. Worry that large numbers of students are about to drop out, because they haven't sent their forms back.
7.50 - coffee.
7.55 - plan lessons. Start to look at tomorrow's lessons but can't settle.
8.05 - email ski company about the meeting in December.
8.10 - breakfast.
8.15 - more lesson planning.
8.20 - parent emails back to ask if her child can have a place. I think about how to reply.
8.28 - still planning my first lesson.
8.35 - go to teach. One hour lesson to Y11. Involves a quiz, which they love. Also involves them working independently, so I do some more emailing. Finance list has come through; worry some more about people cancelling. Help some children. Email to chase up heating as has now been broken 18 months.
9.40 - a free. Remember there's a Geography field trip next Tuesday and I haven't done the final paperwork submission. Pull data off SIMS. Update risk assessments. Do payment admin for another trip next month. Request days off for a couple of meetings. Find someone to do the minibus driving on the Geog field trips. Update the calendar on the whiteboard. Book first aid bags. Update everything for the field trips and send off.
10.35 - feel sad at the loss of an entire hour to basically trip admin but then remind myself that nobody is forcing me to do these trips.
10.40 - break. Still haven't done any marking. Have a second coffee, though this is folly as it will make me twitchy and chaotic this afternoon, but luckily it's not very strong.
10.55 - tidy my desk, because it is stressing me out.
11.00 - start to plan some lessons for tomorrow.
11.25 - look up who is missing from my next lesson so I know which essays I can avoid marking. Start marking the others. It's so cold by now in the office that I have to put my coat on.
12.00 - pack my stuff up and head down the road for my next lesson.
12.10 - none of my students have turned up. Half should be missing for play rehearsals but I am a bit annoyed at the others not coming. Apparently this is officially sanctioned. Hrmph.
12.15 - spend the rest of the lesson doing an indulgent planning activity for my Politics lesson tomorrow on civil rights. Still not finishing the marking.
1.00 - pop down to the nice bakery on the corner because my lunch is boring.
1.30 - finished lunch; change into my Trump outfit and make my face orange.
1.45 - plays begin. Y13 sending up the teachers, very funny and well-observed. Our play is second. Trump gets mightily booed - I am pleased with myself.
3.45 - end of the day. I scarper, quickly.
4.30 - home. Wash face. Do some work emails for my other work.
5.30 - training session.
7.00 - home for dinner.
8.00 - exam board work.
8.30 - publish podcast a friend and I have cooked up. I've been planning it for nearly 2 years but she has made me follow through. Quite pleased with myself. Hopefully it will go down well.
8.45 - shower.
9.00 - Apprentice.
10.00 - think about other jobs I could do outside of teaching, not because I want to leave teaching, but because one has come up I might want to do. Discuss with Mr Z. Check to see how many people have listened to my podcast. 90 already!
10.30 - blog
11.07 - I really must finish that marking. FML.

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