Friday 22 November 2019

Food Picture Friday

It turns out that I don't really take as many pictures of food as I thought I did, so this may be quite a shortlived series. It has afforded me an hour of scorlling through old pictures, though, which has been fun, and I came across this, to date my most-liked picture on Instagram (81 likes...move over, Kim Kardashian).

I took this picture in San Pedro market, Cusco. They sell everything from smoothies to dried llama fetuses (used for spells, apparently). I loved this purple corn but the Peruvians like it in a heavily-sweetened drink, which I was less fond of. Looks pretty, though.

Looking through the pictures is making me keen to return, especially now I know the history a bit better. I suppose with a Peruvian sister-in-law, that's now much more likely. 

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