Thursday 14 November 2019

Three on Thursday

We're continuing to be thankful over at Carole's.

I'm thankful that I've got an exam board meeting tomorrow (slightly less thankful about Saturday and Sunday but they are paying me) because it means that it is my 4th Friday in a row with a little lie in. I haven't had a Friday at work since October 11th and I've only got four more until skiing, and even then one of those is a trip to London. Such is the luck of the calendar this year.

I'm thankful that Father Hand isn't terribly ill. He emailed to say he thought he was, due to him thinking he saw something he shouldn't have in the insurance paperwork inviting him for a scan, but it turned out to be a false alarm. I don't see or talk to Father Hand very much at all these days but I would certainly miss him if he was not around anymore.

I'm thankful for...can I say Korean food? I realise it's all very trivial, but I had agreed to get Korean takeaway from the place by work and bring it home after parents evening tonight, and I was looking forward to it all week. I bought far too much - enough for at least 6 - so there is plenty for my lunch-at-home tomorrow too. It has really cheered up a day which began with a drive to work in the snow (this, in turn, made me hugely thankful that, after 18 months, the heating engineers have finally fixed the heating in my classroom).

As a bonus, I'm thankful that I work at such a nice place. Several of my students told me tonight that I was one of their favourite teachers and the parents, too, were effusive in their praise and admiration. I get super-awkward in situations like that. It's very difficult to deflect this sort of praise and make excuses for why it's not a big deal or not really my achievement, which is my usual method of brushing off such niceties. So, I guess I will just bask in it and allow myself to feel quite pleased with myself for the rest of today (38 minutes).

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