Tuesday 19 November 2019

Tuesday Ten

Ten things on the to-do list

1. Write the Christmas cards - I managed to get myself over to the Natural History Museum for some lovely Wildlife Photographer of the Year cards, so I really must write them and send them in good time this year.

2. Make the 2019 lemon gin.

3. Taste the now-fully-steeped 2016 lemon gin, that I believe is a lemon-lime blend.

4. Finish Volt. I am about 40 rows up the back, which needs to be 156 rows in total. It's quick, but not when I spend the evening messing about with work things and not actually knitting.

5. Knit a little baby cardigan for the niece. Excellent news today - my sister-in-law's visa came through, so she will be back in the UK to give birth next month. I'm trying not to be a horrible grump about this as it *is* good news and the fact I may have to spend part of my Christmas holiday going to London to see the new addition is just a natural part of family life and *not* a massive inconvenience. My inner hibernator will just have to get over it.

6. Do my tax return. I'm sort of regretting sacking my accountant but they made such a mess of it last year, it will be quicker to do it myself. I do actually have to do it though. Hrmph.

7. Tidy the spare room. Mother Hand will probably be visiting at some point so it needs to be fit to be seen.

8. Ring the gutter man and get the gutter clearance booked - ideally before it rains again.


(It's really, really hard to think of 10 things that don't involve work)

9. Sort out something nice to wear for party season. I should aim to shop my closet, as they say, as there are bound to be all sorts of goodies in there that I haven't seen for a while.

10. Insure the rabbits. I was waiting until they were neutered but now it's just forgetfulness that is preventing me. We need to be covered for when one of them inevitably falls ill. When the vet on Bake Off said that rabbits just want to die, I think she was spot on. They are super cute, though.

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