Tuesday 2 November 2010

Tuesday Ten

Ten Things I'd Do If I Won Euromillions

1. Pay off the debts of my family & friends. I hope they would allow me to do this.
2. Sponsor a new build school (with a state of the art History block, naturally)
3. Set up a bursary to fund the ski trip for 40 pupils a year and offer the places as rewards for Getting It Right at school. Oh, and buy ski boots and skis for all the UNSC (our nickname for the teachers that go on the ski trip...this is a pact we made last year)
4. Buy a house in London and allow Sib to live in it and rent the rooms out to support himself through uni. And make the Parents Hand very comfortable, so they can retire when they choose.
5. Buy a big mansion on the Truckee River, California. Or buy a piece of land there and have a house built.
6. Fly first class every time, and always donate to offset the carbon emissions.
7. Have a tasting menu dinner at the Fat Duck.
8. Retain the services of a cobbler and have all kinds of fantastic shoes crafted just for me.
9. Give a very sizable donation to Cat's Protection League
10. Live in a sustainable house - solar panels, a soakaway, all that stuff.

I think I'd have to win some kind of mega rolled-over jackpot to achieve all of this, but you never know. I haven't mentioned Mr Z in this, by the way, because he would have access to the money as well under the "what's yours is mine" rule and could therefore do what he wanted with it.

This was actually quite a hard list to think of. Presumably I would leave work, though I like to think I'd stay, since I do actually enjoy my job, and I'd be getting a new workplace and everything; in which case I'd also get a car service to and from work daily, since I am, after 8 years, starting to find the commute a little wearing. Plus, my car could pick up all the other Bristol people at the same time and it would be a bit more eco friendly.

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