Friday 12 November 2010


This week's weekword was picked by Carola, who has some absolutely beautiful pictures to go with her word: November.

Being of a certain age, the word instantly made me think of this song -

I think I remember this video being played hourly on The Box, which was included in our cable subscription when I was a kid and was such a revolutionary idea - a music video juke box! It was like taping music off the radio: I'd hover prone over the VCR waiting for my favourites to come on.

I gather a lot of men this month are participating in Movember, a charity event in which men grow moustaches to raise money for prostate cancer research. I think that's a great idea! And a fun way to pass a November, too. I feel a bit sorry for it (not as sorry as I feel for January, it must be said) because it's the month when the cold and dismal kicks in and, although there are fireworks, these are always at the start of the month which leaves nought but the countdown to Christmas. Christmas is still a long way away.

I like to blog every day in November, because it's too easy to crawl under the spare duvet in my comfy chair and hibernate; at least blogging keeps me sharp. I feel like I have to work hard to stay sharp; it's not just the weather, but work is always tough this time of year. So, on my commutes this week I have enjoyed reminiscing about my past Novembers.

2009 I was in Malaysia for the middle 10 days (as I will be for the last 10 days this year!)
2008 I went to Prague at the start, and tried to deal with crashed-car fall out for the rest
2007 was when I joined Ravelry, and my knitting obsession began to rage.
2006 was when I took the 4 day ski course at Calshot which was loads of fun.
2005 was when Mr Z proposed!
2004 was when I started hanging out regularly with my now closest Bristolian friends, Aliboo, Parpy Jo and Kath. Such wonderful ladies, I don't know what I did before I met them.
2003 was when Jen was living in our spare room, haing finally left London.
2002 was my first month as a legal driver.
2001 ... well, I was living in Mother Hand's flat, temping for Leonard Cheshire and spending every weekend with Mr Z in a long-distance style. And my stuff moved to Bristol from London.
2000 I was living in Vegas, so got to celebrate Thanksgiving properly for the first time; my grandparents came to stay; Mr Z and I realised (after 5 years) that our attraction was mutual. That was a big November!
1999 I went on holiday to CUBA! I paid for it with my student grant for that term, which I was extremely proud of at the time; I don't know why. And that was the first month of my blog.

Before that it's difficult to remember anything particular. I guess I ran out of commuting time reminiscing about the last 11 Novembers! Really, November has been a good month for me over the years. It has involved a few holidays and lots of parties and other fun things. Here's to many happy Novembers in the future.

Look out for next week's weekword; I don't know where it will be posted yet! I'll edit when I do.


Carola Bartz said...

I love how you reminisce about Novembers part. Such a great idea! I'm sorry that I didn't list your post, I couldn't access your blog when I wrote the list and after that I forgot... Sorry. It's on now.

Christine E-E said...

Sally - you have such interesting posts! The "Movember" sounds interesting... do they publicize pics of the winners in the news - is it all handle-bar type mustaches? will you post pics?

In our community, to raise money for SARP (Sexual Assault & Response Prevention), there is a "Walk a MILE in our Shoes" where men wear high heels and publicize their support of women's personal space issues... it's very powerful... and hilarious to see the men (lots of college students, due to two higher ed institutions in SLO) walk through Farmer's Market in heels!