Friday 5 November 2010


This week....Abundance, from Silver Linings 4 Me

Magenta: I ask for nothing!....Master.
Frank-n-Furter: and you shall receive it. IN ABUNDANCE.

Tonight, there has been an abundance of fireworks.
Today, there has been an abundance of rain.
(NB: It's not been a great day to be a cat....just ask the Mitten, who is currently cowering under our bed)
This week, there has been an abundance of work, and other demands on my time.
I personally have an abundance of eye make up, knitting yarn, perfume and head hair, which likes to worm its way into food, down plugholes and everywhere else.

There has also been, of late, an abundance of beautiful autumn foliage. I am always tempted to pull over and take photographs when I see a particularly lovely tree, but they never look as spectacular as the real thing, to me; so enjoying the autumn foliage is a pleasure peculiar to this month. I had to drive to Southampton yesterday - a 4 hour round trip - and the beautiful golden and orange trees were the only saving grace about the entire affair. It's particularly nice when it's windy, and sunny, so that the leaves fly off the trees and get caught in shafts of sunlight. This also happens when the kids at work pick up enormous bundles of leaves and throw them at each other.

Another few days of bad weather and the whole thing will be over for another year; but for now I am enjoying it.

Head on over to Christine's blog to find out who'll be picking next week's word!


Christine E-E said...

I added your name.... I didn't realize I had two Sally's participating... I'm so, so sorry!!!

So - we've mentioned going to Malaysia - is this for holiday? do you have family there? or is there something in particular that you are traveling to see? would love to know. I don't think I've ever thought about going to Malaysia...

Hope you will be posting some pics from your trip... would love to see the sights through your lens.

Christine E-E said...

What is the reason for the fireworks?

Magenta = the color?

Oh - I can just imagine the colors of the swirling leaves. I too have a difficult time capturing the actual pics I see in my camera lens. What's up with that? Frustrating - that's for sure.

Sally said...

No worries! There were loads of folks participating this week, easy to miss people :)

Malaysia this time is a work trip: I'm taking a group of students to a boarding school there as part of a gifted program. It's really exciting!

Fireworks on November 5th in the UK are for Guy Fawkes night. It's been celebrated since 1606! Info here

And the Magenta thing is a quote from Rocky Horror Picture Show - she is a character. It was a quote I thought of straight away when I saw your word :)

I hope you enjoyed Sacramento. I nearly made it there last summer on our California road trip. Maybe next time!

cath c said...

ah, long lost love....(new england transplat living in the south)

Biomouse said...

I love the Rocky Horror quote! I'm with Christine, I cannot wait to see Malaysia pics-it will be a fantastic life experience I am sure. The trees here in Ohio (my last day) are so pretty and I never can seem to capture their beauty.