Tuesday 16 November 2010

Tuesday Ten

I have been scrabbling around trying to find a Tuesday ten topic that won't involve me sitting here for an hour, waxing lyrical about grand plans. I even scrabbled in Google Reader for inspiration and remembered that Sally SowandSew now does Tuesday Ten too, and her topic this week (which I am totally stealing, sorry Bella!) is...

Ten things I would rather be doing than working

1. Sleeping late and getting early nights
2. Learning to write Android Apps - I have many ideas but need time to get my head round the App Inventor software
3. Finishing Cherie Amour (I can't get myself started on the sleeves! And they'll be so quick!) and the blue seabreeze shawl
4. Watching True Blood season 3, which Father Hand sent me almost a month ago and has lain, untouched, by the TV ever since
5. ....and The Wire, seasons 4 and 5, which are similarly neglected
6. Contacting friends on a more regular basis. I think I'm becoming one of those people you always have to call/email if you want to speak to me
7. Making serious inroads into the stash of ebooks I have been accumulating on my Kindle
8. Going to Zumba every single week (I haven't had a free Tuesday night for this since, ooo, September)
9. Various housey projects, like redecorating downstairs and sorting out the garage roof
10. Writing long and interesting blog posts, full of pictures and fascinating things you look forward to reading...

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