Thursday 4 November 2010

Yarn Review: Lorna's Laces Lion & Lamb

I thought it would be fun to write some reviews of yarns I have used, and that somebody might at some point find it useful. It is also going to be helpful with, I thought I'd start with my favourite.

It's no surprise I should make a post about this yarn. Long-time blog readers, or members of my knitting group, will know I have a terrible weakness for it. In fact, the only reason I stopped buying it is because I realised that, while it may be luscious, it is way too warm for me to make a garment from. Sad face. There are only so many shawls a girl can have, you know.

Lion & Lamb is a 50/50 wool/silk blend in worsted weight. It comes in wide variety of colourways and has a lovely sheen to it, thanks to the silk. It's very soft and has great drape. To date, I have used it to knit a clapotis, a modular shawl, and a little mini shawl for a wedding. I find it very easy to knit with; it's comfortable on the hands, not splitty, and spit-splices well.

Of these projects, the modular shawl has had easily the most wear. Yet, it has not pilled, and has undergone machine washing on the handwash cycle without suffering any noticable wear and tear.

My only issue with it is the dyelots. I knitted the clapotis in the Tahoe colourway, which I bought from Jimmy Beans and got on back order. The colours are a lot more muted than the skein they had in Get Knitted at the time - or, indeed, as the colours are displayed on the website. I know there's going to be some variation, but it doesn't even look like the same colourway. I remain a bit gutted about this; but oh well.

I have multiple skeins in two colourways waiting for projects. I think one is going to become this modular shawl; not so sure about the other. I have four skeins (above) which would be enough for a modified Hey Teach; but as I said before, I might find it a bit too toasty to actually wear. So, it will have to languish in stashland for now.

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