Sunday 28 November 2010

under the wire

Well. It is technically Monday in my time zone, and I'm in KL airport with a cinnamon bun and a java chip iced coffee, making use of Starbucks free WiFi. It's my first blogging opportunity since Friday - we spent a weekend at the paradise that is Pangkor island where the sun shined but the wireless wouldn't play.

The journey home is tough because I woke at 5am for the coach and will arrive in the UK at 4pm due to the time shift. So, after missing last Sunday, I have an extra long Monday instead. This does not seem a fair swap.

So much to share! It must wait until I'm home, though. This is just by way of a Sunday post, since it is still Sunday night at home. Hey, I make the rules for InternaBloPoMo!

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